• Back in January of 2011, I first created the account BashDashCrashSmash. At the time, I was unaware of the age rule and was only 11
  • It took be about a month, but I was a well respected user, and was almost made admin.
  • In July of 2011, I lost interest in Thomas, and left the wikia for a while
  • In September, I returned, and discovered cool new features such as chat and message wall
  • I entered the chat, and everyone was glad to see me
  • But some people were mad at me for an April fools joke I made earlier, and I was kick banned for a week
  • I was furious, so I decided I would fight back. Not a very smart choice
  • In November, I was forgiven, but I didn't forgive the,
  • them*
  • I created false speculation of a train crash at DOWT
  • No one believed me, but my next scandal got me in trouble with SIF
  • I pretended that Nigel, the forgotten pack character, got his own episode.
  • Lots of people fell for it, even Thomasfan
  • However, Richie found me out, and Toby soon banned me for 2 weeks. I was still pretty angry, so I created an account (Under the false identity of my brother) and spammed the wikia and got onto the chat
  • I was then afterward banned for a month.
  • I still had to serve my 2 weeks banned from chat, and when I was back, I was reunited with great friends, plus a fellow named WhiffAndBillyFan
  • We became great friends, and often talked in the chat.
  • One day, me and Richie were quoting a funny Thomas video, but I quoted it wrong and offended Jamesis5. I was banned until my 13th birthday, which was on April 20th.
  • People were accusing me of being WhiffAndBillyFan, due to similar birthdays. It wasn't true
  • I created an account named Tomasfanousek, and pretended to be from the Czech Republic.
  • People thought after about a month that I was Sid, but I admitted it, spammed the wikia and was blocked for a year
  • I returned on a few other accounts, and even got on to WhiffAndBillyFans. I swore and spammed, and got him chatbanned
  • He is still serving the time, but will be allowed back into chat on July 6th
  • People started to hate me more and more after that. Joseph was no longer my friend
  • We reunited as friends again back in May, but things still aren't the same.
  • I will return, better than ever, in April of next year

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